Please see our "lead time" page below for details on how long our items take prior to shipping! Please note our orders placed on our website generally have a faster lead time than other places we sell (ex; ETSY, Amazon). Need it to ship sooner? We do offer rush orders, please contact us PRIOR to ordering if interested. Happy holidays!

Lead Times

UPDATED 11/20/22- Please see below for lead times for different items. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us (use the "contact us" page above).

Please understand, that while orders are STARTED very soon (usually within 24 hours) after the order is placed, they do take time to create, stain, dry, paint, etc. We do also generally do orders in the order received and we receive a large number of orders during most months. Once the order is started we cannot cancel and refund in full. Please contact us with any lead time questions!

RUSH OPTIONS: We do offer rush options to ship sooner on a case by case basis, depending on what item you want to order. These spots are LIMITED and first come first serve! Contact us through the contact page with the item(s) you wish to order and any other information we need (ex; color, size, etc) as well as when you need it by and where it would be shipping to...PRIOR to placing an order! Please note, rush orders generally are an additional cost and do not qualify for discounts/coupon codes. Thank you!


LEAD TIMES- How long it takes to make your item before shipping* (does not include delivery time!)

*Please note our lead times vary by 1-3 business on either side depending on things such as; how many orders were placed prior to yours (we're a husband and wife team not a large business with many employees!), how long the stain/paint takes to dry, etc). Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

♥Acrylic Signs (smaller ex; 16x20 and smaller); 6-8 business days  

♥Large Acrylic Signs & Custom Acrylic signs (larger ex; Sizes larger than 16x20);  2 weeks

Wood Signs (smaller ex; up to 6x22/8x10/10x12) AND seating signs with twine; 8-10 business days

Wood Signs (larger ex; 16x20 and up). THIS DOES NOT INCLUDING TWINE SEATING SIGNS (see above for timing on those);   2.5 weeks

Cupcake Stands and Cake Stands (can be 4-10 business days if plain and not painted it depends on what we have ready/drying for the BLANK option).

SQUARE;  1-2 weeks 

ROUND cake stands  2 weeks  (orders placed prior to 11/20 are 2-3 weeks)

Donut Stands (varies depending on quantity, size and color ordered). Message us if needed sooner to see if we have it ready to go;   2-5+ business days depending on color/quantity ordered and if we have it ready to ship.

Charcuterie Boards;   4-8 business days (orders placed prior to 11/20 are 6-10 business days)

Stained chests, boxes, trunks, keepsake chests, ring boxes, etc;  2 weeks (orders placed prior to 11/20 are 2-3 weeks)

NON stained items (ex; cake toppers, buckets, tablet/cookbook stands, etc);     4-7 business days (orders placed prior to 11/20 are 6-8 business days)

 ♥Barnwood coat racks & towel racks, railroad spike hooks  2-5 business days

 ♥Don't see what you're looking for? We're happy to help, simply shoot us a message with the item you're interested in. 


LARGE ORDERS: If you are placing a large order ($500+) please contact us prior to placing your order with the items you are wanting, we are happy to offer a discount! Please allow an additional 4-7 business days to make your order if it's for many items!



Lead times can vary by up to 3 business days before or after estimated lead times above. We are a home based business and only have 2 people that build, design, stain, paint and ship everything! We do our best to get items out as quickly as possible without compromising the beauty or quality of your order.



We do offer RUSH options to make/ship out sooner. It depends on our schedule and the item, quantity, color and your location. There is an additional cost to "rush" the order as it does require additional time in the day outside of normal business hours to get those orders made. Message us if you are interested. To expedite your request, please include any needed information (ex; item, size (if applicable), color (if applicable) and full shipping address it will be shipped to).

NOTE: RUSH ORDERS may not qualify for current discounts offered.