Welcome! We are family owned and operated out of our small shop in Oregon! We are currently shipping throughout the US only. PLEASE see the estimated shipping date/estimated delivery date below the "add to cart" button on each item. If you wish to have your order ship sooner please contact us PRIOR to placing an order with the details of what you would like to order. Rush orders are an additional cost and are VERY limited this time of year!

Changes to your order

Need to change your item/order?

♥Stain/wood type & size changes MUST be made within 24 hours of the order being placed.

♥Other changes...ex; wording, paint colors, etc. Must be made within 72 hours of purchase.

♥PLEASE NOTE: If you are changing the options/wording on your order, it may require additional payment if there is a difference in cost between size/color/wording ordered and that it's being changed to. Payment is required before we can proceed with the order as requested.